We wish to invite you to join the celebrations of Anarchy Online's 14th anniversary!

We are celebrating with the New Engine Open Beta, brand new Membership Offers with new and powerful items, Free Gifts and the Desert Nomads Event. Read more here.

You can now play in the New Engine Open Beta! Use the installer on your account pages to take part in the Beta. Play on the Live Servers with the New Engine and login with your regular account. Please note that this is a Beta. Several features are still being worked on, and if you are having technical issues with the New Engine you can choose to play in the regular engine instead.

New Membership Offers

As part of this year's celebration you can buy or extend your Membership with these offers and get your hands on the all new Luxury Armor set, which offers great bonuses for leveling and twinking! The offers are available from today and will last for two weeks until the 13th of July.

  • Buy three months of Membership and receive one month extra for free, plus one Combat Nano Can which boosts your XP gain by 50% for four hours and the brand new Luxury Armor Helmet.
  • Buy six months of Membership and receive two months extra for free, plus two Combat Nano Cans, the brand new Luxury Armor Helmet and the Luxurious Tank Armor.
  • Buy twelve months of Membership and receive four months extra for free, plus four Combat Nano Cans and the complete Luxury Armor set. This set includes the Helmet, Tank Armor, Body, Legs, two Arms, Feet and Gloves!

The Luxury Armor pieces and set are given account wide, so all your characters can enjoy them!