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Clan of Conan - Issue #26. Visit the Official Site
Update 7 is here!

Brand new update for Age of Conan now live. Also find out more about Rise of the Godslayer with an all new event and join your fellow players in the new PvP system!

Summary on Update 7

Northern Grasslands

In this newsletter you will find tons of information about the different things we've done to Age of Conan in Update 7 - "Shrines of Bori".

Read the update summary here
Read the full patch notes here

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New PvP content!

Shrines of Bori adds PvP objectives

This brand new addition to the Border Kingdom's playfields will give you PvP'ers out there a chance to battle other guilds in a wide open zone. You can also earn a new set of PvP tier gear by controlling the Altars surrounding the village of Brannoc.

Read more about Shrines of Bori here

Prepare for the Silver Atrium

Rise of the Godslayer event

Experience The Silver Atrium - a new in-game event that challenges you with new quests found in Stygia and Aquilonia. Meet and battle mysterious spies, assassins and other shady characters from the far-east to get great new rewards. Get your first taste of the far east lands of Khitai!

Read about The Silver Atrium event here

Expansion Dungeon Walkthrough with Game Director Craig Morrison

The Celestial Necropolis

Join Age of Conan's game director, Craig Morrison, as he walks us through the Celestial Necropolis, one of the new dungeons in Rise of the Godslayer. This dungeon will use some unique new features that require smarts and teamwork. Hosted exclusively with GameTrailers, this video will give you an inside peek that might give you the edge.

See the video at GameTrailers here

Rise of the Godslayer in the press

GDC reactions to Rise of the Godslayer previews

Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer has the potential to be a very interesting, game-changing expansion, and may take the game in the direction that many had originally hoped for. - IGN

All in all, Rise of the Godslayer will certainly make a huge impact on the world of Age of Conan and its players. - Massively

Overall, Rise of the God Slayer is a great step for Age of Conan.The armor sets we got to see looked great and players have a lot to look forward too.

Age of Conan had a great start with Hyborian Adventures and that success should continue through Rise of the Godslayer and beyond. - Vgchartz

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