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Clan of Conan - Issue #29. Visit the Official Site
New patch is now live

Summary on update 2.1.5

We recently launched Update 2.1.5 and we are excited to share the details of the update with you! First and foremost this update introduces massive improvements to Age of Conan's powerful render engine, but the update also brings with it improved mini games, new veteran rewards and more!

Read more about Update 2.1.5 here

Better performance, even better visuals

New render engine!

The major component of this update is the all-new render engine that we have introduced to our proprietary Dreamworld technology platform. Developed entirely in-house, our render engine allows us to visualize some of the most amazing online worlds available today.

Click here to see a video of the new render engine
Read more about the new render engine
Read's write-up on the new engine

New veteran rewards

All new faction items available

Veterans will now find a host of new faction related items at the Veteran vendors. These items will help veteran players progress through the faction ranks in Khitai!

Click here to read the full patch notes

Improved mini-games

Gameplay and balancing improvements

The latest twelve man mini-game has been tweaked to improve game-play balance, and the matchmaking queue algorithms have been improved to provide better balancing between teams.

Click here to read the full patch notes

Lots of new items for sale

Give your character a real boost

We have put together a collection of great in-game item packages, all available to purchase through your account page. The items included range from potions that yield additional experience, scrolls that allow your character to teleport, to social pets and much more. Check them out today!

Access your account page here

New Conan film coming this year

Check out the new Conan trailer

Something is stirring in Hollywood. The barbarian hordes are on the rise. Coming this year, the new film from Millenium Films, Lionsgate and Paradox Entertainment stars Jason Momoa as the barbarian. Ready to swing the sword once more, Conan will invade movie theaters later this year.

Check out the official web site

New PvP server incoming

Prepare for blood and glory

Game Director and Executive Producer Craig Morrison sat down with to talk about the future of the game. Morrison was eager to share details on the upcoming PvP server 'Blood and Glory' - a server that will truly capture the spirit of the brutal and savage Hyboria!

Read the full interview here

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Get the expansion today!

Purchase Rise of the Godslayer now!

Upgrade your copy of Age of Conan to Rise of the Godslayer today! You can purchase the game online, as well as in retail. Do you dare face the challenges of Khitai?

Please note that several of the earlier mentioned features require Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer expansion.

Upgrade to the expansion by clicking here


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