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The Secret World
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200,000 Fighting The Secret War

Over 200,000 gamers are now fighting The Secret War, a browser-based social experience inspired by the conflict between the three secret societies in Funcom's upcoming MMO The Secret World. The war campaign only last five weeks and participating is the only way to unlock exclusive rewards such as uniforms and weapons! You can also win a trip to the Funcom studio and even the chance to have your name implemented into the The Secret World MMO!

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Week 3 has begun - New challenges!

The third week of The Secret War campaign has just started and a brand new War Challenge has been issued. Each secret society must now fight to control the influence over African territories while at the same time defending their home territories! The reward for the most successful society is great: The Heart of Africa, a health boost talisman that can be used in The Secret World MMO. This reward is credited to all active members of the victorious society.

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One week until the first Beta weekend!

Today it's just one week until the very first Beta Weekend begins on May 11th. In this first Beta Weekend players will get to start a Templar character and explore the town of Kingsmouth on Solomon Island. Everyone who have pre-ordered The Secret World will get to play this and all upcoming Beta Weekends, so if you haven't already done so, make sure you secure your place today!

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The Secret World - Pre-order Trailer


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