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The Secret World
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The Scorched Desert
The Scorched Desert of Egypt revealed

Discover The Scorched Desert, one of the Egypt locations players will get to explore in The Secret World. Here players will be able to do battle with the crazed cultists of Aten, hordes of giant Locust, mummies, golems and a host of other corrupted monsters who have been awakened by the darkness, as they unravel the myths and conspiracies of this ancient land.

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New location preview video and screenshots
New media

Check out the brand new video and screenshots of The Scorched Desert to get a feel for the dangers and challenges awaiting you under the burning sun. Here in this earthquake ravaged hidden valley you will be able to explore many locations, such as the troubled village of al-Merayah and a newly uncovered gaping chasm in the desert, from which the dark Filth springs forth.

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The Locust
Monsters of the Scorched Desert

We've gone ahead and updated our World section with three new entries: a location description for The Scorched Desert, as well as two new monster descriptions for The Locust and The Hand of Aten. Check out the new artworks and information now!

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